Paige K. Koos
Consulting, Counseling & Advocacy

Paige K. Koos

Counseling, &

Company Mission: 
To collaboratively advocate for the educational 
and emotional rights of 
children by empowering their parents & to counsel clients so they can function successfully

Are you asking yourself any of the following questions:

*  I know my child's educational and emotional needs could be met if I had help from someone who was knowledgable about what services and supports my child was entitled to in the public schools. 

Who can help me work with the school team to advocate for my child's rights?

*  I need someone to help me understand the educational system including special education, response to intervention, and/or Section 504. 

Who can help me understand the education system?

I am at the end of my rope.  I just haven't been able to understand what the school is doing to help my child.  I need someone to help me sort out what's really going on in my child's classroom.

Who can mediate the issues that have arisen between me and my child's school team?

*  I am not sure my child's educational placement is appropriate to meet his needs

Who can help me determine what educational placement options could be considered for my child?

My child and/or our family needs counseling. 

Who can I trust to counsel my child and/or my family?

Paige K. Koos
Consulting, Counseling & Advocacy
is the answer to these questions!


Paige K. Koos
Consulting, Counseling & Advocacy

3380 Lacrosse Lane, Suite 101
Naperville, Illinois  60564

Phone: 630-234-0466

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